Statutes of the Association for the Promotion of Early Music in the Czech Republic

Art. 1
Name and Addres
Association for the Promotion of Early Music in the Czech Republic (hereinafter Association) resides in Prague. The German equivalent is Verein zur Förderung der Alten Musik in Tschechien, the Czech equivalent Spolek pro zvelebení staré hudby v Čechách.

Art. 2
Purpose of the Association
The purpose of the Assiciation is the support a promotion of early music in the Czech Republic.

Art. 3
Main Activities of the Association
The work of the Association aims for the purpose described in the Art. 2, it being the common concern of all members. This purpose is fulfilled especially by means of following activities:
* supporting promotion of wider public's attendance of early music concerts and stimulating the interest in this music
* supporting scientific research into early music, supporting projects combining early music with visual arts and film
* supporting the good and fair treatment of musicians
* supporting presentation of early music in the context of contemporary music styles
* supporting realization of valuable and innovative dramaturgies

Art. 4
Additional Activities of the Association
Additional activities of the Association are in particular:
* organizing concerts and festivals; their promotion
* holding seminars, lectures and conferences
* running early music concerts of high artistic level in the Czech Republic
* issuing leaflets, publications

Art. 5
Membership in the Association
1. A natural person who has reached 15 years of age can become a member of the Association. The membership in the Association begins on the basis of the General Assembly's approval of the applicant's written application. The decision about the admittion is made by the General Assembly at the next session.
2. The member of the Association enjoys the rights to:
* attend the General Assembly sessions and participate in discussion and in voting,
* elect organs of the Association and be elected into these,
* present proposals, suggestions and comments to the Association's organs,
* participate in practical activities of the Association.
3. A member of the Association is obliged to:
* observe the statutes, fulfill the resolutions of the Association's organs,
* promote actively the interests of the Association, comply with all internal agreements and not take any action that would be contrary to the interests of the Association,
* attend meetings of the Association's organs and contribute to the improvement of their work.
4. The membership in the Association terminates by:
* delivery of a notice written by a member expressing her/his wish to step out of the Association,
* death of a member,
* dissolution of the Association,
* expelling of a member by the General Assembly in case that the member repeatedly and despite of written warning violates these statutes,
* eventually for other reasons laid down by law.
5. The General Assembly can elect an honorary member of the Association anyone who shows an interest in cooperation and acts in accordance with the statutes. The honorary member does not have any rights neither obligations except those expressly set in the statutes.

Art. 6
Organs of the Association
The Association comprises of these organs:
* the General Assembly
* the Commitee.
A. The General Assembly
1. The supreme authority of the Association is the General Assembly. General Assembly session shall be held at least once a year. Its sphere of activity inludes above all:
* authorizing statutes of the Association and altering these statutes,
* electing or eventually dissmising members of the Association,
* approving the Association's budget presented by the Committee,
* approving the report on the activities of the Association presented by the Committee and the financial statements for the previous years,
* determining the concept of the Association and its objectives for the next period,
* approving new members' applications and decision making regarding dismissal of a member,
* electing honorary members of the Association,
* deciding on the dissolution of the Association.
2. The General Assembly session shall be called by the Committee of the Association. The Committee is obliged to call the session within one month if asked in writing by at least one third of the members of the Association. The decisions about removal of a member of the Association or about the dissolution of the Association are adopted by the majority of two thirds of all members of the Association. The statutes of the Association can be altered by the majority of two thirds of all members. The Assembly is quorate when the overall majority of members of the Association is present in a session.
B. The Commitee
1. The Committee is the statutory and executive organ of the Association. It conducts the Association's activities between the General Assembly sessions and fulfills the tasks the Association has set for it.
2. The Committee of the Association has 3 members. The Committee elects from its membership a Chairman of the Association.
C. Supervisory Board
A Supervisory Board is not established.

Art. 7
Acting on Behalf of the Association
Each member of the Committee acts on behalf of the Association independently.

Art. 8
Financial Management of the Association
1. The Committee is responsible for the financial management of the Association. The Association follows its annual budget drawn up by the Committee.
2. Income of the Association consists of contributions of its members where it is set down so, gifts, grants and incomes from sources such as retail of publications accompamying the concerts.The spendings of the Association are focused on the Association's aims specified in the Art. 3 and in accordance with the forms of activities indicated in Art. 4 of these statutes.

Art. 9
Method of Property Settlement upon the Dissolution of the Association
In case of dissolution of the Association, its property is, after its liquidation was performed, transferred free of charge on another legal non-profit person whose interests are close to those of the Association.

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